Yoroikizomeshiki ~Armor Procession in Kyoto~

23rd November 2018, Yoroikizomeshiki was held at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto.

You can see colorful and detailed Heian period style of armors at this festival. The participants parade out of the shrine grounds and then go inside of the main building of the shrine.


This festival is based on the traditional ritual of being a man for boys which boys wear their first pair of armors. Today, both boys and girls, from the young to the old are able to join the festival.


In Japanese traditions, each colors have their own names in Japanese. Those names have their own meanings and represent seasons, plants, animals, or natural phenomena.


Heian period style of armor is created to show how the person is rich, sophisticated, matured, graceful and brave. Therefore, the armor has to be beautiful and sophisticated.

If you visit Kyoto in autumn, please enjoy the color and beauty of traditional Japanese armors at Kamigamo Shrine.