Samurai Experience in Kyoto! 日本刀で斬ってみませんか?

At Samurai Juku, you can feel the spirit of the samurai and learn how to use Japanese swords. The master is a descendant of Samurai family which served Mouri family in Yamaguchi prefecture.


It can be said the it is difficult to maintain the best condition of Japanese swords and let people who have never touched it cut tatami rolls.

It is also difficult to answer the question, “What is the meaning of protecting the techniques and spirit of Samurai in today’s Japan?” As you know, we don’t “need” it in our daily lives in today’s Japanese society.

However, as long as someone is interested in Samurai and their culture or Japanese swords and its histories, we believe it is worthy to keep telling people about our own culture. We welcome people from all over the world including Japan!

Please feel free to visit us and let’s enjoy Kyoto and its history and culture.